Camping Environment

The environment of Campus Eucaliptus: Ebro Delta

With an area of 320 km2, the Ebro Delta is the biggest natural wet area in Catalonia, and the second in Spain, after the Doñana National Park. Natural areas as lagoons and unspoilt beaches are combined with rice fields and idyllic villages.

The Ebro Delta is the most important aquatic habitat in this side of the sea Mediterranean, also important because of the extraordinary bird migrations. Ebro Delta ecosystems is internationally studied, there are 515 different species of plants, 260 bird species representing the 60% of all the species of Europe. The number of birds living there varies between 50,000 and 100,000, depending on the time of year.

The weather is Mediterranean, with an average temperature of 18 degrees, being the average winter temperature of 10 degrees and in summer and 27 degrees, and common winds in winter, ‘mistral’ and ‘cierzo’, and pleasant sea breezes.

In 1983 Natural Park of the Ebro Delta was created to save and to promote the development of this area.

For all this reasons we encourage you to come to visit us.