Camping Eucaliptus,
Season started, we expect us!

Open from March 31, 2017 to September 24, 2017


Welcome to Camping Eucaliptus, located in the Ebro Delta Natural Park and on the beach called Eucaliptus. Camping Eucaliptus is placed on this incomparable natural environment where the tourist can enjoy warm sunny weather, unspoilt beaches, Mediterranean gastronomy and the hospitality of our people.


Booking online!

Warning: We do not admit underages who are not accompanied by their parents. Group booking: We do not accept online reservations (contact us by email or phone). In case of not wanting to make an online reservation you can be contacted with us by telephone calling to number 977479046 or by e-mail using the form, where we will annotated the reservation and you be notified of the amount to be paid, as deposit. Our account is IBAN ES 91 2100/0177/26/01/00724091 .If the booking is made outside of Spain, our account is CAIX ES BB IBAN ES 91 2100 0177 26 0100724091. Reservations conditions are as shown in the price section of the main menu.